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The New England Energy Alliance is a diverse coalition that advocates for action to ensure the availability, reliability and affordability of future energy supplies. We work to build awareness of regional energy issues and to support policymakers, the business community, stakeholder groups and other parties interested in balancing energy, environmental and economic policies and actions. The Alliance believes the region cannot afford to exclude any energy resource from active consideration including:

  • LNG facilities to ensure adequate gas supplies
  • The continued operation of existing base load power plants that contribute to fuel diversity and, in the case of nuclear, play a major role in addressing climate change concerns;
  • Construction of electric transmission lines needed to move electricity from the plants that produce it to consumers;
  • Large-scale renewable projects;
  • Policies to enhance competitive markets and to bring wholesale and retail markets into better alignment; and
  • Aggressive energy efficiency and demand response programs.

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The New England Energy Alliance members include diversified companies with energy infrastructure.
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Public Opinion Surveys
NEEA sponsors an annual region-wide survey of consumer attitudes on energy and electricity issues. Conducted by Opinion Dynamics Corporation of Waltham, MA, the telephone survey includes registered voters arrayed proportionately across the six New England states. NEEA intends to publish this type of survey annually. The results offer useful insights for businesses, government officials and organizations that are concerned with balancing the region's environmental protection, economic growth and energy supply.

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NEEA regularly sponsors events that provide opportunities to meet and hear from prominent regulators, policymakers, legislators and industry leaders on state, regional and national energy issues of importance. NEEA also sponsors energy roundtables and conferences featuring leading energy experts.

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While NEEA does not advocate for specific energy projects, it advocates for policies, informed decisionmaking and timely action to ensure affordable and reliable electricity and natural gas supplies as well as energy infrastructure considered vital to the region's economic well-being.

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Alliance Reports
Substantial Achievements From Electricity Industry Restructuring in Connecticut
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Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Development in New England
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A Review of Electricity Industry Restructuring in New England
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Nuclear Energy in New England
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New England Energy Infrastructure
Adequacy Assessment and Policy Review
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