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New England may soon see energy shortages-report
REUTERS - November 9, 2005

NEW YORK -- New England could face electric and natural gas supply and delivery shortages within two years, according to a report released by the New England Energy Alliance on Wednesday.

The Alliance, a coalition of energy providers, businesses and energy consumers, urged policymakers to avoid a potential energy crisis by adopting policies that push investments in energy infrastructure projects.

"We are at a critical point today. Energy shortages could be acute soon - by 2010 at the latest. Policymakers need to act aggressively now to avoid problems in the future," said the report, authored by Susan Tierney of the Analysis Group Inc. of Boston. Tierney is a former assistant secretary of policy at the U.S. Department of Energy.

The report found energy companies were reluctant to invest in New England because there was considerable risk and uncertainty in the rules governing the construction and operation of energy infrastructure projects in the region.

That uncertainty helped put the region's energy costs among the highest in the nation, the report said.

The report recommended policymakers provide incentives for energy efficiency, natural gas and liquefied natural gas supply and delivery, and electric generation projects including hydropower, fossil and nuclear plants.

"The sooner (the) sources of risk and uncertainty are resolved, the sooner investors will invest in infrastructure in the region," the report said.