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Press Releases/Announcements
July 18, 2016 Concerns about Climate Change and Energy Affordability Remain Strong in New England
August 15, 2013 New England Survey Reaffirms Support for Energy Infrastructure and Industry Competition; Varying Support for New Energy Technologies
June 7, 2012 Survey Reaffirms Overwhelming Consumer Support for Choice and Competition in New Englandís Electricity Industry
June 16, 2011 Survey Finds Majority Continues to Favor Competitive Markets Over Government Regulation, Surprising Support for Nuclear Power
June 2, 2010 Opinion Dynamics Survey Reveals New Englanders' Preferences and Concerns on Energy Issues
April 30, 2010 Release of Connecticut Survey Results on Legislative Issues
April 12, 2010 Release of Report on Achievements in Electricity Industry Restructuring in Connecticut
February 23, 2009 Release of 2009 Consumer Survey on Energy Issues
June 2, 2008 Release of Consumer Survey Results on Energy Issues
April 26, 2007 Release of Results of New England Consumer Survey on Electricity Issues
October 30, 2006 Release of New England Electricity Industry Restructuring Report
June 5, 2006 Release of New England Energy Roundtable Report
April 26, 2006 Statement by Carl Gustin of the New England Energy Alliance in Response to Projected Summer Electricity Demand
November 9, 2005 New England Energy Alliance Report Cites Major Challenges in All Parts of New England Energy Infrastructure

Diverse Coalition of Companies and Organizations Form Regional Energy Alliance